Men’s Doug Irwin Wolf Junior Tee


WOLF Junior! We’re thrilled to team up w/ Irwin Guitars Official on this limited batch tee. Premium heavyweight cotton. True standard fit. Comfortable & durable.

The Wolf Jr. backstory…it was the early 90’s {Rosebud was in full effect} & Jerry asked Doug to build him another guitar. Something completely new & different…the idea was a spring-loaded tremolo {floating} bridge system that would allow Jerry to radically alter pitch as he played. But most importantly it needed to ‘spring’ back into tune…so Doug & Jer tested a few different floating bridges on the prototype {See photo}. The guitar top is similar curly maple as the original Wolf w/ a Peruvian walnut body. Slightly different body contour. Headless. Doug designed this Wolf Jr. graphic at that time but never got around to inlaying it into the instrument. Wolf Jr. is currently owned by Grateful Dead & on display at the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame. Doug’s dream is for it to make its way back to his work bench so he can complete the inlay & fulfill the circle…in honor of his old friend Jerry. -Forever Grateful

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