Men’s Doug Irwin Original Wolf Tee


Finally! First official Doug Irwin Wolf tee since ’90 (Check out Doug in the photo gallery on Dead Tour in ’92). Limited print men’s tee. Premium heavyweight cotton. True standard fit. Comfortable and durable.

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It was the mid-1970’s when Jerry’s Wolf guitar came back into Doug’s shop w/ a broken headstock. It had taken a tumble off the stage on the ’74 European tour. The instrument showed up w/ the infamous Wolf sticker & Doug was inspired to do more than just a complex guitar repair. As Doug began the peghead fix, he was compelled to scour through his secret stash of inlay materials. Before he knew it, the puzzle was in place & everything made sense. Without giving Jerry advance notice, Doug started cutting the pieces w/ his vintage jewelers saw. All by hand. Glued them into place, and there it was…the Blood Thirsty Wolf inlayed for eternity. A sweet surprise for his pal Jerry. The newly modified guitar delivered on the precipice of a new era. The Dead came back in ’77 w/ ultimate force & a few new tricks up their collective sleeve. And the Wolf would make its indelible mark right alongside Jerry’s right hand, as it will Forever.