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Only 3 Made. This is the last one. The Wovenfree strap has been such a long time coming. It has taken us several years to assemble all the perfect parts. A decade on the road as Ben Harper’s guitar tech helped us understand how to construct the perfect strap, also providing the inspiration to design it. We’re super proud & grateful to offer something we’ve believe in so much! Here’s the run down…

This strap features an ultra-rare 3-piece top. Lots of stitch-work. The edgework is Deadstock vintage Arrow jacquard (5/8 inch width) carefully sewn down with single needle on both sides. This Jacquard braid is the last of the original 100% cotton vintage loom woven. The denim is vintage 6-oz crosshatch indigo selvedge…versatile, with a soft overall feel that’s also durable. The backing is garment grade vintage tobacco brown leather. Both ends & the inset tab are vintage premium tobacco orange suede. We modernized the inset tab design to reinforce the front side, offering extra stability (for the stage) & also longevity. The interior lining is the key to tying it all together, balanced for playing comfort & security. It’s a soft-chipboard material that’s just the right density/texture & thickness to reinforce structure while still providing a balanced overall strap feel. The right blend of ergonomics & structural integrity. Hardware is all full-cast antique brass…buckle & both rectangle rings.

*Overall length expands up to 54+ inches, extra long to accommodate all playing styles.

Fully handcrafted in Los Angeles, 1 at a time, scrutinizing every single detail…until everything is just exactly perfect. This strap truly represents the craft at it’s finest. Built to last.

A ton of Love, care & persistence went into this entire process, with original nostalgia dripping from the seams. We’re proud to put this strap in your hands & hope you enjoy playing music with it as much as we enjoyed making it.

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