Deadstock Jacquard & Denim 13-Pt Raw Indigo Snapback


13-Point Deadstock Grail! Straight off the stitchery & now ready to ship. Super small batch stitched locally. The first official release in the Grail headstock series…

These are the rarest of the Original Vintage Jacquard braids. This jacquard was woven 60+ years ago on an original ‘perforated card’ loom & remains in mint condition. A pattern we’ve never seen, characterized by super wide angled edge weaving. Opposing angles top & bottom. Center section with a highly ornate translation of the original Navajo/Folk oval pattern that we’ve seen so many classic guitar straps made from. Really fun thread colors too!

We found the one last (partial roll) in a warehouse in the Midwest where the Ace Guitar Strap Company sold its raw jacquards when they stopped making guitar straps. This was likely going to be a prototype test for a new strap that never was. We’ve coveted it in our studio for over 2 decades & are thrilled to finally repurpose it into something that can be worn. Hope it sparks light & inspiration!

This hat is a textile Disneyland…the raw indigo denim fabric is super rich & textured. A really hard to find fabric. After this, they’re all gone.

13 Point bolt woven label with crafted merrowed edge.

*No restocks on this one.

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