Deadstock Grail 13-Point Corduroy Snapback


Finally Here & Ready To Ship! Chestnut corduroy V2. Fresh off the sewing machine. The Grail of Vintage jacquard braid right here. Limit to 1 per order. Deadstock Vintage Series Release #13…

This braid comes direct from the depths of our Secret Stash. Cut from the last partial roll. Sought after for decades & then coveted in our Treasure Chest for years. A color way that’s impossible to find & super rich. The pattern is a unique mod on the traditional & ultra rare 2-inch ‘Wide Edge Oval’ pattern, with slight angles & inside arrows. The outside edge work represents the traditional seed of weaving techniques, no longer seen. This one is truly different than the rest. We cut & stitched from the very last of it. We won’t be restocking this style.

This Chestnut brown corduroy fabric has a unique dynamic with a slight Olive hue, bringing it right down home to Muddy River Country, and beyond…

Originally woven in the 1960’s on the classic perforated card looms, this Jacquard is nearly 60 years old & remains in near mint condition. Grab a piece of history before they’re gone.

13-point bolt woven label w/ crafted merrowed edge. Wovenfree needle logo embroidered into back; tone on tone. Sewn locally.

SnapBack. One Size Fits All.

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