Sold Out. Doug Irwin Certified Rosebud Pin


*UPDATE 5/20- Edition Closed. Just dropped 4/16! Presale. ROSEY- The Skeleton Saint in all her Glory! Limited batch Doug Irwin certified Rosebud pin. The guitar that opened up Jerry’s tonal palette, and our ears…to a Disneyland of sounds. Check out the photo of Doug earlier this year with the vintage jewelers saw that he cut the original Rosebud inlay with. Still uses it today! Always by hand…

Pins are handcrafted in California with sustainable materials. Abalone shell along w/ fallen Maple. Hand pieced. One of a kind. Each one is different. Pin height is 1-3/4 inches.

Grab a piece of Irwin memorabilia for your hat, denim jacket, backpack, or even your guitar strap! Or just to keep in your pocket as a Lucky Charm.

*Presale. All orders will ship the week of May 3-10.

Email with questions.

Sold out

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