Blues Navajo Guitar Strap


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Finally brought to life! This project has been such a long time coming. Has taken us several years to assemble all the perfect parts. Years on the road as guitar techs helped us understand how to shape the perfect strap. We’re super proud & grateful to offer these to you guys! Here’s the run down…

The vintage Jacquard is ultra-rare original ‘Perforated Card’ loom woven 2-inch wide (characterized by extra wide outer edge-work) Navajo pattern with rare oval center line detail. Deadstock mint condition woven 50 years ago! We cut the 2 last remaining rolls to craft this batch of 24 straps.

Original BOLT labels are the last leftover from the 50th Anniversary Dead shows, where we used them to craft a batch of headbands for the Milestone event. Humbled by our first collab with GD Official. 13 point bolt an exact match juxtaposed to the original Steal Your Face art.

Hardware is all full-cast antique relicked nickel, both rectangle rings & buckle. Backing is garment grade black suede. Ends are blue vintage suede. We modernized the inset tab to reinforce the front, offering extra stability (for the stage) using vintage 12-ounce raw denim. The interior lining is just the right density/texture & thickness to reinforce structure while balancing overall strap feel, allowing for just the right blend between playing comfort & structural integrity. Overall length expands up to 54 inches, extra long to accommodate all playing styles.

Fully handcrafted in Los Angeles, scrutinizing every single detail, 1 at a time…until everything is just exactly perfect. Built to last! These straps truly represent the craft at it’s finest. A ton of Love, care & persistence went into this entire process, with original nostalgia dripping from the seams. We’re proud to put these in your hands & hope you enjoy playing music with them as much as we enjoy making them.

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